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Regardless of Fandom, this is usually how I feel.

I've just added this to my LJ info page:

Baseline Fannish Principle
I like underdogs. I like suffering underdogs. I like suffering underdogs with a dark side rife with emotional and often physical pain.

I don�t think that this preference stems from any perverse desire to see the characters suffer, but rather from a perception that character, true character, is forged in the fires of adversity. Whether the result is pleasing or tragic, it's somehow more true for having undergone the trials of circumstance.

In short, I find fictional characters presented thus to be more believable.

Consequently, although I do have a number of fan favorites among my picks, I also have an abiding love for characters that are ridiculed, abused, overlooked, or forgotten entirely.

And very rarely, I'll write about them.

Sums it up quite neatly, at least for me.
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