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Like M & M's.....

only it melts on your tongue, not in your brain

Give Me Your Opinions
The Space Between
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This is a place for Meta's, Meme's and My Muses.

Share your my *insert character* (my muse) pieces, your meta's on real life or fandom interests/characters and your meme's with bite (difference in my opinion between a meme and a survey is that a meme usually answers questions with more than one word and reveals opinons beyond either/or).

The Rules:

This is multifandom, the case of meta's it can even cross over into real life topics that can have relevancy for fandom such as abuse, sexuality, child birth and on and on..... can you tell I'm a woman yet?

This is opinion, if your opinion differs from something someone else posts you can post your own meta/meme/my muse piece and voice your opinion.

If you don't want anyone to respond to your post please remove the comments feature when you post.

Do not Flame. I will ban you. (a flame is not an opinion a flame is insulting another member and/or being inexcusably rude.)

Do not gain access to promote your other communities. It is one thing to say, I cross posted this at these locations, another thing to write, join my group. You want to promote your group please consider community_promo.

Please be courteous to each other.

Other rules will be made as needed.

The group allows anyone to join but you must ask to be allowed to post. I'm paranoid. *shrugs* I'm honest too. If you'd like to be added please contact me at perch_and_creep@yahoo.com