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an essay, crossposted [30 Jun 2004|08:28pm]

Are the lights still on? I'd like for them to be, because this comm has a great concept and the execution just needs to be a little (okay, WAY) more consistent.

Crossposted from my own journal: an essay of sorts on the ambiguity of time in fandom, inspired by Jorge Luis Borges. (I'm just as surprised as you are.)

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'Top 100 ____' memes [31 Mar 2004|01:43pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

List memes stolen from iceprincessd100 top...variousCollapse )

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New person, muses in tow [26 Mar 2004|09:12pm]

Where do I even start? I write a lot of stuff, finish maybe half of it. Sometimes I have a billion muses, and sometimes they all desert me.

Sometimes they stick around and just drive me !@#$ing crazy.

I write: Alias, Babylon 5, Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, Star Wars, seaQuest, and the occasional really small fandom that nobody's ever heard of. (It's entierly possible that seaQuest falls into that category.)

meet the musesCollapse )

Oh yes. I'm urbandruid, and I'm new here. Hi. :)
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My Story-Bound Muses [30 Sep 2003|01:52am]

I write for several fandoms, namely X-Men, LOTR, and FF8; and the characters which I focus on the most are all'verses!Rogue, all-verses!Iceman, movie!Pyro, comicverse!Northstar, both the book and movie versions of Boromir and Faramir, then last but not least Seifer, Squall, Quistis, Fujin, and Ultimecia. Actually, on second thought, I write these characters almost exclusively. Only rarely do I venture into other fandoms like HP and Sandman. So one would think that I have very strong, vibrant, and dynamic muses representing the characters listed above because I spend so freakin' much time analyzing, deconstructing, and just daydreaming about them. Not at all.

My muses don't talk to me. My muses don't look like chibi angels. Plot bunnies, plot hermit crabs, plot Komodo dragons, and plot llamas do visit my head, but that's a topic for another meta. So my muses aren't "traditional" like perch_and_creep's but more free-floating like unanon's. But my muses are at the same time bound by very strict outlines.

click here for the interesting stuffCollapse )
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On muses, and my relative lack therof... [09 Sep 2003|04:21pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I always find it extremely interesting whenever perch_and_creep and I discuss muses. For her, they seem to be very real and substantial. She's been kind enough to share hers with me on many, many occasions, and we've had hours of fun with them. They are amusing, comforting, and very solid seeming at times.

But when it comes down to it, during these conversations, I'm playing with her toys, not mine. There are a few that we share. Others have sprung fully formed from her imagination just for my pleasure and amusement, but a muse solely for my own playful enjoyment...never.

I've wondered about this quite a few times. There are a number of characters within my fandoms for whom that I feel a sincere affinity. I'm adamant about what I consider their 'honest' portrayal and I'm obscenely protective of them, at least my version of them. But they don't haunt me and the only time I can even truly feel their moods are when they are being extremely difficult and badly behaved. In short, when they refuse to be written. I can't even go so far as to call them 'muses' per se, they are merely the characters that, somehow, embody the entire fandom for me.

It's fairly easy to break them down:
X-Men: RogueCollapse )

Harry Potter: Sibyll TrelawneyCollapse )

Finally, if you would ask perch_and_creep, she'd tell you that my 'muse' is Samwise Gamgee, but I don't know as to how that would work. Muses are supposed to be guiding spirits. Inspiration. I don't consider ANY of these characters to be guides at all...

But with Samwise, I can't help but adore his simplicity, honor his generous spirit, and admire his steadfast nature. He is worthy of regard in every way that counts, and I would feel negligent in overlooking his many qualities. It is perhaps odd to hold the merit a character so highly when I'm not even involved in the LOTR fandom, but in his case it is unquestionably deserved.

Maybe my love for Samwise Gamgee comes from the fact that, in contrast to SO many other fictional characters, I would actually want to be like him. If I could even approximate some of his qualities, I'd be content.

I never write him. I don't know if I'd dare.

When I actually let them, these and other characters will mill about my brain, acting grumpy, sniping at one another, or generally goofing off. I pay very little attention to this sort of activity, in part because it isn't lively enough to be distracting, but also because I'm no where near as passionate about writing as I'd like.

In short, I have no muses. I just have characters that I love for their vulnerabilities as well as their strengths. The end. *grin*

Crossposted to my own LJ.

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Regardless of Fandom, this is usually how I feel. [26 Aug 2003|01:51pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

I've just added this to my LJ info page:

Baseline Fannish Principle
I like underdogs. I like suffering underdogs. I like suffering underdogs with a dark side rife with emotional and often physical pain.

I don�t think that this preference stems from any perverse desire to see the characters suffer, but rather from a perception that character, true character, is forged in the fires of adversity. Whether the result is pleasing or tragic, it's somehow more true for having undergone the trials of circumstance.

In short, I find fictional characters presented thus to be more believable.

Consequently, although I do have a number of fan favorites among my picks, I also have an abiding love for characters that are ridiculed, abused, overlooked, or forgotten entirely.

And very rarely, I'll write about them.

Sums it up quite neatly, at least for me.

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Welcome All [22 Aug 2003|01:47pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I figured I'd make a start off post saying hello to everyone.

Welcome. *waves*

Post your meme's, meta's and my muses pieces.

Yes you can even post muse/author arguments because in their own funny way they illustrate how different people see a particular mainstream (or not so mainstream) character.

The Rules are on the info page. They'll be updated as needed. Feel free to jump in or sit back, but if you all sit back I'll have to give you detention with Snape..........

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