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druid in the city

New person, muses in tow

Where do I even start? I write a lot of stuff, finish maybe half of it. Sometimes I have a billion muses, and sometimes they all desert me.

Sometimes they stick around and just drive me !@#$ing crazy.

I write: Alias, Babylon 5, Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, Star Wars, seaQuest, and the occasional really small fandom that nobody's ever heard of. (It's entierly possible that seaQuest falls into that category.)

Marilyn Stark, seaQuest DSV
Who? Yes, I know. Obscure. She's...very complicated, and that complexity is one reason I like her. Another reason is that nobody else does. No, really. I have never in my life met another serious Stark fan. My friends used to humor me, back when the show was still on the air and they had some clue what I was going on about. I used to have the sort of muses that talked to me, and each other, a lot. Now I seem to have the ones that quietly inspire, and only scream loudly when I ignore them for long periods of time. (Stark can be a bit bitchy about this, actually; she'll leave me high and dry for six months, then pop up one day with her various issues and obsessions and tell me to get on with it.

Irina Derevko, Alias
Irina is, if anything, more complicated than Stark. You never know quite what she's up to- even I don't, half the time. And I love that about her. She can do anything and get away with it; she's ruthless, but she also has this elegance about her... And I'm not explaining any of this very well at all. Irina challenges me, and I adore her for it. But I also have something of what I call 'personal canon' with Irina, which in some ways I will refuse to change. My Irina never slept with Arvin Sloane. I don't care what canon comes down as, she just wouldn't have done that.

Jack Bristow, Alias
Sometimes it worries me how well I channel Jack. Especally obsessive, driven, scary-dangerous Jack. There are times when he challenges me the same way that Irina does. Jack is my hero. No, really.

Anna Sheridan, Bablyon 5
Anna is probably a muse in the tragic sense; bad things happened to her, tore her up and turned her into sombody else, and she never had a chance to come back from it. But she's the first muse I've ever had to describe as haunting me, because she did. Sometimes she creeps me out, but she's still one of my favorites. I named my laptop Anna. (Yes, I'm a bit crazy.)

Minerva McGonagall, Harry Potter
My Minerva is probably as...not-quite-Rowling-canon as unanon's Trelawney. (And I always spell that wrong; sorry 'bout that, but I'm way too lazy to look it up). My Minerva stubbornly clung, for the longest time, to the idea that she was not 70 years old. Well, scratch that- she's still clinging to that idea. I let her go on with it. I guess I have TimeWarp!Minerva or something, and she has this large, bizarre backstory in my head, a large wizarding family, crazy times at Hogwarts with her Slytherin buddies... a small little (seriously OTPish) relationship with Severus Snape... Yeah. (Hi. I'm the new girl. Fear my bizarre pairings. :)

Severus Snape, Harry Potter
My Snape falls into the same area as my Minerva- kind of out there somewhere. He's not evil, damnit! He's not! Stupid little Harry Potter... When I think of Snape I remember one of my old teachers- chemistry, interestingly enough. I thought he loathed me. Then my mother had to talk to him about something and he told her I was one of his best students, that he pushed me so hard because he knew I was slacking and I could do better. My Snape is defined in part by the bit in the first Harry Potter book where it dawns on Harry that Snape was trying to save him, not kill him. *smacks Harry* Yes, alright. Harry frustrates me sometimes.

And...that's it, really. I used to have more, but they've kind of gone into hibernation. I have two Star Wars muses right now, whom I'm trying to write, along with Irina and Anna (who are thriving) in theatrical_muse, a writing community which has a large side of roleplaying and which is a lot of fun. But the Star Wars muses are... *sigh* I have problems with the fandom, and have for a long time. Canon has become a screwed-up nightmare, and it's too much to slog through lately. I'm thinking of giving up both of them so someone else can play with them, and letting someone else come out and write for a bit, maybe one of the muses hovering on the edge of turning into a serious muse.

Oh yes. I'm urbandruid, and I'm new here. Hi. :)
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